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    The Grow your Business Online Conference and Exhibition is being held on 28th May 2020 in the RDS, Dublin.

    The event is designed to bring together the key stakeholders involved in developing and growing a successful online business. This one day conference and exhibition is aimed at business owners, senior executives, sales directors, marketing directors, business development directors, software engineers, CIO’s, social media managers, brand managers, communication directors, fulfillment managers, logistics and supply chain directors, IT directors etc  that are interested in developing their business online and growing revenue.

    This engaging, full day conference and exhibition consisting of 100+ speakers over 9 stages is a unique conference that focuses on the huge changes occurring across all industries. This game-changing shift to online business is affecting every industry and requires a new approach for companies to build their sales and customer base online.

    Due to the huge importance of a strong sales and marketing strategy as part of your online business, the 2018 – 2019 Grow your Business Online Conference and Exhibition is being collocated with the National Sales and Marketing Summit which will be located in the same venue. Delegates will be free to move between both events and the events will share an exhibition area. So no matter where your interest lies there will be topics of interest for you.

    Over 1000 delegates will attend the Grow your business Online Conference and Exhibition from the largest and fastest growing Irish and global companies that are pushing the industry forward in terms of developing a successful online business, as well as smaller firms and start ups that want to understand how to grow their business and sales online.

    Delegates will include business owners, senior executives, sales directors, marketing directors, business development directors, software engineers, social media managers, brand managers, CIO’s,  IT directors, heads of  product development and Innovation, as well as service and technology providers that are essential in improving the online performance and sales of a company

    The conference will consist of over 9 stages and 100+ leading speakers offering content that will engage business owners, senior executives and key leaders from sales and marketing verticals. The event will showcase industry leaders from a variety of leading Irish and local companies from sectors such as  Fashion, Health & Beauty, Grocery, B2B, DIY, Toys & Games, Property, Manufacturing, Internet and ICT, Retail, Hospitality and tourism, financial services, transport and aviation, food, Consumer goods, services, FMCG etc

    Through case studies, hot topic presentations, technical presentations and workshops, these leading speakers can help equip you with the knowledge to improve your online business performance and win sales and market share as well as engaging with your customers and users in the most effective manner.

    The agenda includes a variety of topics and speakers incorporating proven, cutting edge strategies, tools and case studies relevant for companies both large and small, private and public, mature and early stage.

    Key Topics include:

    Internet retailing, social media, order fulfillment, retail security, online payments, scaling your business online, Data, Analytics and Metrics, mobile marketing , emerging customer trends, emerging technology,  Big Data, online branding and brand management, leadership culture and strategy, Mobile Sales Technology,  Market Research, CRM and SFA,  IT infrastructure, online Lead generation, inbound marketing, online content creation and engagement, measuring online ROI, Omni-channel retailing, growing your business in foreign markets,  online advertising, adwords, SEO, PPC, customer acquisition marketing, marketing and sales on a budget, digital transformation, email marketing, building trust and consumer loyalty online, location based marketing, encryption, digital video , converting sales online, Optimizing users online experience, customer trends, contextual data, cyber security, raising investment, marketing on a budget, project management, coding, content marketing, continuous improvement, privacy, website optimization, supply chain management , search, data science, warehouse management , online personalization, affiliate marketing, web design, ecommerce platforms, AI, open source tech, crypto payments and micropayments, SaaS, fraud prevention, content delivery , data mining, cloud technology , Selling and marketing abroad ,mobile payment, sales and marketing and customer engagement apps, database management, hosting  and data centers, ecommerce technology, online brand management, warehouse management, , operations and logistics,  online media and much more.

    Once you have signed up, you can plan your day around personal priorities and challenges. You are free to move around the venue getting involved in any of the 100+ presentations, seminars and workshops that will be available to attend, as well as visiting the 60+exhibitors that will be on hand to offer you their expertise.

    We know that time is tight, but taking the day or a few hours out of the office to attend this event will equip you with the skills needed to enhance your company’s online performance and grow your sales and your business online performance in 2018. Due to the continuously increasing importance of the online marketplace this is not an event to be missed!

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