Barry Roche, Global IT Operations Manager, Concern Worldwide

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    After studying History, Politics in UCD then a bit of Public Relations I like many of my contemporaries travelling to the US in 1994. After a short stint in Boston I ended up in San Francisco, ground zero of the tech boom. I worked in stock brokerage business for a number of years before migrating to the IT side of the business. In 2003 I came back to Ireland and starting working with Concern. In the last decade I’ve seen at first-hand how the internet and technology can radically transform working lives in the developing world.

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    Delivering IT services in the Developing World

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    Delivering IT services can be challenging at the best of time but how do you deliver IT services to countries as diverse Haiti, Liberia to North Korea? Barry Roche will discuss some of the problems and challenges faced by Concern Worldwide and their global network.

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