Brian O’Mullane, CTO, Creme Global.

  • Brian leads the software team at Creme Global. He has 20 years professional experience in software development and management. He has founded a high growth startup and worked on and lead teams through some exciting and high profile projects such as, Great Northern Haven at CASALA (a finalist for engineering project of the year) and the world’s first face recognition border passport control at Sydney airport.

    He is driven by creating elegant solutions to complex problems and is as comfortable coding, as facilitating brainstorming sessions, to delivering on a plan. The tools he likes to use include, Machine Learning, Metric analysis, Agile development and Lean management.

    He has 23 peer reviewed publications and is currently studying for a PhD in Machine Learning.

    Presentation title:

    Delivering Data Science Solutions in the Cloud

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Data science once involved working with a large data set in relative isolation and producing a static report to present at a quarterly meeting. Decision makers in companies have been inspired by the types of insights the data can offer and are asking more questions of it. Data scientist regularly now present their analysis not in reports but in web apps or behind APIs that allow this kind of interrogation.

    We have been building data science solutions for 10 years and have learnt many lessons along the way. In this talk we will run through how to build performant, scalable and validated data science web apps

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