Colin Keogh Research Engineer, University College Dublin

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    Colin is an engineering working out of UCD in the areas of Design, Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing and Disruptive Technologies (3D Printing, Low Cost Design, AR/VR Applications). He works with Government, Academic, Corporate and Private clients, and is currently running the Printastic marine waste upgrading project, and co-founded The Rapid Foundation, a charity project that implements disruptive technologies in underprivileged settings globally. He was named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science & Healthcare for 2017.
    Presentation Title: ” Low Cost Innovation: Tackling major commercial and humanitarian issues”.
    Summary: This talk will explore the potential of low cost innovation to aid in the combating of major commercial and humanitarian issues facing the world today, through the highlighting of work and technologies (3D Printing, AR Tech & Bottom of the pyramid design) applied to specific global challenges

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