Conor Ryan-Team Lead of Operations Department & Partner Engineering MIRACL

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    I am a passionate and committed technologist with over two decades of experience in Software and Cloud Infrastructure Development, Systems Integration, Financial Services, E-Commerce and Business Development.

    I specialise in Transaction, Financial & E-Commerce technology.

    I am experienced in platform infrastructure, agile software engineering, production change management (MVP, System Design and Implementation, bug fixes, new features, migrations, upgrades, deployments, compliance, anti money laundering, fraud detection, etc).

    I am a very experienced operations engineer and full stack software developer in a wide range of languages and frameworks.

    I am proficient in data-driven web applications on either a Linux or Windows Stack with the following technologies:

    Linux (Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu etc), Apache, PHP (ZF2, Symfony2), Java, Ruby (& Rails), Python, Golang, C, C++, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, nodejs, noSQL, SQLite &tc.

    On the front end I am expert in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design, JavaScript libraries and frameworks(jQuery, angularjs, etc).

    For Apps I program in both native Java for Android and Cordova/Ionic for cross-platform web apps.

    I am a very effective leader, communicator, problem solver, project manager and have been a key team member on many successful national and international projects.

    My interests include: Financial Transactions, Bitcoin, cryptography, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Payments Card Industry, Risk and Compliance, Information Security, E-Commerce, Data Warehousing, ERP, EDI, User Interfaces (UI), User Experiences (UX), C, C++, Open Source, Internet & Database Technologies, System Design & Integration, Data Analysis, Big Data, Warehousing, Business Analysis and Intelligence and Product Development.

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