Ray Sheerin – Managing Director, Chemistry

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    Ray Sheerin is the Managing Director of Chemistry, Ireland’s most award-winning creative agency for the past 18 years, and Chairman of brand and design and digital agency, Clickworks. He is also a Board Director of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland and was elected a Chartered Director by the Institute of Directors in 2016. He is a passionate advocate for creativity in business and in communications.

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    Rules Are For Breaking: In the most crowded media landscape there has ever been, how do you make your brand stand out?


    89% of all communications go unnoticed and unremembered. Only 4% are remembered positively. Conformity is the biggest enemy of communications effectiveness: why do companies choose campaigns that ‘nobody has a problem with’. If your message is designed to appeal to everybody, it will end up appealing to nobody. So how do you get stand out? Share of voice, through outspending your competitors is one way…but one very few brands can afford. This presentation will cover getting stand out by being more clever, by being different and by knowing which ‘rules’ to break.

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