Rowena McCormack – Partner, DAC Beachcroft Dublin

  • Rowena is a litigation specialist with considerable experience in dealing with a broad range of complex disputes. She routinely attends before the Commercial Court and High Court and has previously advised clients attending before the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis in Ireland (the Banking Inquiry) and the Financial Services Ombudsman. Rowena’s experience includes advising professionals, corporates, financial institutions, technology, and media clients. Rowena has a particular interest in cyber risk and data breach incidents and also advises clients on non-contentious data protection and privacy issues including in relation to the GDPR. Rowena is a committee member of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association Litigation Committee and a former legal advisor to the Faculty of Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee, Trinity College Dublin.


    Title: The GDPR Effect – Potential Costs to Businesses and When to Notify

    1. The impact of the GDPR – data will be safer but at a cost including investigation and notification, litigation, fines,      compensation, group litigation, enforcement and reputation.
    2. Types of breaches – Confidentially, Integrity, Availability
    3. Causes of Breaches
    4. When notification is required and determining if there is a Risk v’s High Risk to individuals
    5. Notification to Supervising Authority (time, purpose, contents of notification,  delayed and phased notification)
    6. Notification to Data Subject (objective test, time, criteria, purpose)

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