Sara Viegas, OpenApp.

  • Sara Viegas is an accomplished and certified project management professional. She has over 7 years in international and cross cultural experience in Healthcare software development and implementations.


    Having had the opportunity to live in a Navajo reservation in Arizona, Sara spent 2 years there implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) at their local hospital.


    At OpenApp, Sara has been engaged in the continual development of a Patient Centric platform and is a customer facing advocate for several international patient registries covering over 10 diseases.

    Leading the switch for patient centric care

    At the core of international, national and local efforts to improve the quality of healthcare is the concept of patient centred care. While it is not a new consent, efforts in technology have moved the possibility closer toward reality.

    OpenApp, a leader in rare disease management software will share unique insights into the challenges and solutions of putting patient care into practice. From it’s experience with the European Reference Networks, connecting 30 million rare disease patients with clinicians across Europe to a small patient registry, you’ll see first-hand how patient centred care is having a big impact.



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