Silviu Preoteasa – Head of Marketing Technology, Hostelworld

    • Silviu Preoteasa – Head of Marketing Technology, Hostelworld's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Technically-oriented entrepreneur, I find profitable ways of solving business problems!

    My background covers digital marketing (PPC, Online Media, Affiliates, Organic Search), Conversion Optimization, content generation and social media engagement, reputation management and fraud prevention. I top that with a 6th sense for spotting innovative mash-ups from data sources, APIs and new technologies, while staying firmly anchored in the stark realities of profitability, market share and ability to scale beyond proof-of-concept.

    Since 2012 I have developed a particular interest in meta search optimization and automated bidding in TripAdvisor using neural networks and decision trees as web services with RapidAnalytics.

    I hold a degree in Economics and Financial Analysis, Microsoft’s sought-after MCSE cert, ITIL v3 cert and a few other industry-specific titles. I completed the L3 Management certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management ( in UK and I am qualified to manage matrix hierarchies in Fortune 500 companies.

    A few milestones in my career:

    – over 1 Billion USD in online sales for Dell during my tenure as Online Business Manager

    – Dell Employee Gold Award (2008)

    – First provider of online backup and live data replication services to supersede Sarbanes-Oxley’s level of security requirements in Europe (2006)

    – ran the largest free filehosting webservice in Eastern Europe, directly competing with Rapidshare DE (2005)

    – managed an in-house hosting affiliate program with over 200 active affiliates (2005)

    – designed and launched a highly redundant and scalable hosting solution based on virtualization, fail-over clusters and iSCSI attached storage (2004)

    – supplied and supported the key production and broadcasting digital infrastructure for MTV Romania (2002 – 2005)

    – lead the programmers team behind a custom-built ERP solution based on PHP and MySQL (2003 – 2004)

    – certified a PC assembly line ISO9000 compliant in 2002

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