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    Sinead O’Donnell is an award-winning journalist and media specialist with over ten years’ experience working as a reporter with Newstalk, TV3, Today FM and The Sunday Times. In Carr Communications, Sinéad develops communication strategies and delivers customised media training for clients, using the ‘practice by doing’ method in Carr Communications’ simulated TV and Radio studios.

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    Building Brand You: How to discover, develop and promote your personal brand to get ahead


    As a Business Owner or Sales and Marketing Manager, you will spend a lot of time finding ways to promote your organisation’s brand. You need to apply the same thinking to your own personal brand. Every business is a people business. We do business with people we know and like. As a result, more organisations can now see the value of having individuals with strong personal brands. Very often the organisational brand and personal brand can become intrinsically interlinked with benefits for both. This workshop will show you how to discover and maintain your personal brand. Sinéad will share her insights into how to effectively promote your personal brand in the media and use it to get ahead of the competition.

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