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    • Richard Howard - Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

      Richard Howard – Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications 

      Richard leads the firm's Technology Media and Telecommuciation group and is also involved in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Programme and our Fast 50 programme. Richard has advised clients on stock market flotations, group reorganisations and mergers and acquisitions and has written and lectured on IFRS, US GAAP and issues facing tech companies in Ireland, including SOX. He is a former council member of the 30% Club and has been involved in various Chartered Accountants Ireland review groups.

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    • Benjamin J. Boyle

      Benjamin J. Boyle CEO BeJoZa Ltd.

      Benjamin J. Boyle is a serial entrepreneur that now invests his time in innovative new entrepreneurs and start-ups. Benjamin’s company, BeJoZa Ltd. has holdings in everything from clothing products to Artificial Intelligence technologies. Benjamin himself has consulted for a full range of entities from SME’s to Government bodies. Presentation Title- “Understanding Consciousness, The Route to AI Superintelligence” Synopsis- on understanding Artificial Intelligence Consciousness and Intelligence

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    • Andreea Wade -Opening.io CEO

      Andreea Wade -Opening.io CEO 

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    • David Cashman -Commercial Director at Zevas Communications

      David Cashman -Commercial Director at Zevas Communications 

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